Kaplan National Physical Therapy Exam: Medicine & Health NPTE Secrets Study Guide: NPTE Exam Review for the National Physical. Free download Kaplan National Physical Therapy Exam Book. Steps in Taking the NPTE or National Physical Therapy Exam Ielts, Physical Therapy, Physics. for review only, if you need complete ebook Kaplan National Physical Therapy npte on your first try is right here mcgraw hills npte national physical therapy.

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Kaplan's National Physical Therapy Exam features: In-depth review of key eBook Details: Category: Certification: Author: Bethany Chapman. Tommy and 'lhylou PART I The NPTE Copyrighted material These functions Physical Therapy Review '[36 KAPLAN) The frontal lobe. NPTE. Good thing to keep in mind. Mon, 16 Jul GMT Free download Kaplan National. Physical Therapy Exam exam paperback ebooks in.

I35 Evaluation. Hv1 4.

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I90 Clwprcl Cu: I97 [te'u: Eq, f'. Cardniwp-u 'ncv: Sll Pu Fm F'r: Lb; u Tu! SE9 fkwzs-scr: Fcr Pmchcc T-: Joe, and Sdvatnoe and Giuseppe Fratianni for all of the suppon they gave to us in our endeavor. They allowed us to spend hours at a time away from home or at the computer compiing information for this book We love you and appteciu: Copyrighted material 9. Once you pass. The practice of physical therapy continues to be one of the fastest-growittg prufeniom in the n-.

As an expanding field. As the number of applicants and graduates of plrysical therapy programs continues to increase. They also give normative infnnnatinn for the rstatblishrnenl and requirements of atxreditcd physical therapy eclucatiun pmgrzum.

The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy FSBPT uses the information from the guide along with current best-cvidettcc practices to develop an exantination that will mea- sure the knowledge and skills required of an entry-lewl physical therapist. This is the NPTE. You can create. The review portion uf this hook is based on recomntendaliorts listed on www. We have formatted the chapters to follow some of the objec- tives set out for review for the examination.

Utilime the two full-length practice tests. I API. According to thc guide. They do the same in more clinically based outpatient settings and work environments.

In some regions. Physical thcrapists work closely with other allied health professionals and are part. Referrals can unite from such team members as physicians. Physical thera- pists will nlso work closely with nurses.

Guide to Plryaicul Tltentpy Pmctirc further tlelinea the prcfcrrcd practice patterns that will provide the public with the but care and lint outcomes possible. The American Physical 1 herapy Organimtittn has developer! Kn-iwing all of the roles is the rcxptmtihility ul' any individual who wants to become a licensed physical therapist.

Once you have completed the rcquircd course work. You will need to fill out the paperwork given to yuu Ivy your educatit-rial facil- ity.

Along with that paperwork you will send the examination fee. That inforrnation and fees are acnt to the fnllttwing address: Flour Alexandria. VA ! I4 Phone You then have 60 dsya from the date of your authoriutinn letter to schedule and take the examination. The phone number for your desired testing center should he on the authorization to test A'l'l' letter.

Be sure to take into consideration any time needed for travel when scheduling your exam time. You must urive at the test site 30 minutes prior to your test-taking time. For added security. Thia test may be ditTcrent than any other you have taken in your physical therapy schooling. Once you enter lhc testing area, you will tind an optional tutorial on taking computerized e-3t.

Renting it will take appmxirrutcly live to ten minutes. An erasable note board is provided as scratch paper during the exam. Once each section is completed, you cannot backtrack to change or review any answers. Within each section. Four hours is the allotted time for completing the examination. The physical therapy examination also has three urrscheduled break: During these unscheduled breaks.

There is no penalty for incorrect amurers. Prognosis lntrodxtlon to the NP? Content Topic Exam on him - l0 equipment 8: Belt of those four can be further broken dnwn as follows: Equipment 8r Devices: Modalities Safety 8: Professional Roles; Teaehingllearning. Pulmonary Systems Musculmlteletal Systern Neuromuscular 8: Nervous System: Fifty of those questions will not he scored but are considered pretest questions and are used to determine if they may be appropriate to be test questions in the future.

The scoring scale converts the raw score out of questions to a scaled score of up In tK t. The scaled scores allow for more difficult exams to require fewer correct answers than easier exrum. The mtiomlly adopted scaled more that you need in order to pass the NPTE is The final letter awarding licensure will come from tlut source.

Take Control ol the Test In The fact that the passing rate is not I00 perm. Suddenly you are alvout to sit fnr what you are ant icipating may he one of the hartlcr text you have ever taken. Having the right minil-set plays a large part in how well people lV on a test. The helter you pace ynuracll in each section. Pour pacing causes stui. Use the twopass system Using the two-pass system is one way to help your pacing on st test. The key idea is that you don't simply start with questintt I and trudge unwartl from there.

On the comput- eriletl Nl-"l'l". This way you don't get lmggcd down on it tough question when you could be earititig points answering later questions that you do know.

Your secottd pals! In the secnrul pass you should be able to spend a little more time on them.

Even if you don't reach an answer. Use the process oi elimination On every multiple-choice tut you ever take, the nnswrr is given In you. Even am. Being standardized means that tests do not change greatly from year to year.

Because of this. Learning about these trends and [kit- term can help students who are taking the test for the first time. In the end. An educated guess is better than not answering The l-'SBl"l' scan: There are no deduc- tions far answering incurrectly—p ain and simple.

It ir- irt ynur best interest to ntztke sure you have aruwered every question and left none blank. Take a break! The fact that you etc taking a four-huur ertatn an a cumpulcr ttcceaiitatn some break time. A' 'IC!

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You don't have to worry about searching your mr: But their are some things tn keep in mind that will help ynu mime rllicicnlly through the array of questinm. These ideas. Short question stern In test-speak. Stern length varies on the NPTE from short. Either way.

The longer the stem. If you're a fast reader. If you read at a more methodical rate. When you come to a question that is on.

The overarching goal is to use your availalslc time to answer correctly as many quealiuns in possible. This also prerents ynu from lveingfm. You don't have much time to ponder every tough question. You might not get every educated guess corrixt; but agnirt. The goal is to get a gum! Cmrnming Trying to memorize and ram into your huin hundreds of facts about mntonty. The examimtion evuluzrtes your aliility to apply cnncepts that you have alrenrly leametl.

Selecting the rsponse that is a different length compared to the other dioices One arm-rer uhuice being longer or shorter than the others does nut necessarily mean it is the right one! Think of ynur answer c: In that cue. By using critical thinking skills. It covers the l. Since this is a multiple-choice test. This may lead you to identify some poor answer choices that can be eliminated. Many times examination questions are going to be in clinical application format.

In that case. For example. A year-old woman underwent a total knee replacement sewn days ago. Shc enters your outpatient clinic for nurluation and treatment. Upon inspection. Bl "Have you experienced any fever?

We can then look further into the answer choices and [ind that I fever is another indication of a systemic problem such. Instead of simple rccrll or rt-cngnition. By knowing which type you are, you will be better able to study in.

Read the following sentence: A physical therapist milk: Or did you visualize a physical therapist walking into a room and seeing tl patient wearing a sling? If you heard the worda, you more likely think in words. If you visualized the scenario. If you are more of it visual person. You may also feel that you hate to read things repeatedly to get the concept down.

For some people. If this is true for you. As you prepare for the NFTF. As you read each topic in the review. If you can viautlize the theory th. It is elm important that you visualize test questions.

As you read the question and possible answer choices, picture yourself going through each suggested action.

This will increase the likelihood of your selecting, correct answer choices. As with any test. Make sure you are not hungry at test time-—eat well than morning or noon.

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Wear comfortable clothing in layer: On the day of your exam. Trying out the strategies there will help you become cumlnrtathle with than. Of count. The next section of the book will help you review the primary concepts and facts that you can expect to encounter on the N PTE. Copyrighted material Our recommendation is that this test be taken before any review is done.

As the extant is corrected you will see that c. It; lt qucalinn is suhilivided into the aystcttt ur chapter it comes from. There are a tot. Once yuu have currccle-1 your exam. For example, if you nnly secure I of 5 in the '. If you score 5 of 5 in the Musculzukeletal System Questions.

There is no need to time yourself for this extnx. Coml luck! Diagnostic Test A physical therapist is reviewing. The patient hm; an intermittent history of corlicoauerttid prescription. What potentially harmful side ettect can this drug have on this patient? A Neumdevelnpmental techniques B Prnprioceptive rieurrvniuscular taeilittitinn 3 Hrunnetmm's techniques. The patient has a history of angina. On the physical therapist's second visit.

What medi- cine can the patient take if prescribed and available to treat this acute angina? A Alhuterol ll! He reads in the recent labs that the patient has had hithermal calorie testing. What pathology is this type of test looking for? The patient nits the phy. How should the physical therapist respond?

A Ice crystals formed in your tissues due to the extreme cold. C Your iniury wu caused by increased me-tabolisrn due to the extreme cold.

D Your blood from and that is what caused your lttiury. While practicutg her long ltoltls the physical therapist notices her abdomen rises and her face turns red. What is the physical therapist olsserving? What vessel does the physical therapist suspect was affected in this stroke? I rearurclt article about prenatal factors and the development of cere- bral palsy. One prenatal factor is found to have no relationship to the development of cerebral palsy.

The correlation coefficient for this factor is closest to what number? The areas of his skin that are burned are bilateral arms anterior and posterior. What per- centage of his skin '5 burned! A physical therapist is manual muscle testing the xupraspinatu: A Arm neutral. As she talks to the patient. What adverse effect can this have on the tissues? She complains of pain with all mobility and requires ma. She has subsequently developed a pressure ulcer on her left heel. The left heel has rt large blister that affects the epidermis and the dermis.

What stage of pressure ulcer is this? A Stage! A physical therapist is treating a patient who has low baclt pain. The patient is morbidly obese and has is sedentary lifestyle. The pltysical therapist plans to help the patient to lvegin a cardiovascular and strengthen- ing exercise program. The physical therapist empha- sizes to the patient the danger of as sedentary lifestyle and the patients susceptibility to chronic medical problems due to her lack of exercise and obesity.

The physical therapist helps the patient to eliminate or minimize any barriers to exercise. The physical therapist has educated the patient on the threat.

The physical therapist is working with the patient on gait training using a prosthesis.

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The physical therapist notes that the patient walks with a lateral trunk hentt. What is the most liltely source of muscular weakness in this patient based on this gait deviation? A llliopsoas weakness B Gluteus medius Wt3ltnt. Diagnostic Test A physical therapist is dowmenting her initial evalu- ation uf a patient.

Which of the following ll'ICludes all of the necessary components ofa long, -term goal? A The patient will have full range of motion in four weelu.

B The patient will report W10 pain in her left elbow C The patient will be able to use her arm to dress herself without pain in four weelts. A physical therapist is treating a patient who has a wound with moderate exudate.

The wound is deep. There is a sparse amount of necrotic tissue. What dressing would be appropriate for this wound? A Alginate Bl Hyclmgel 2 Transparent dressing D Ntm-adherent dressing A patient has been referred for physical therapy for evaluation nfleg pain. Whiclt of the following differential diagnoses could account for this presentation?

A Spinal stcnosis B lntermittentclaudication C Disc herniation D Sciatica A patient is hospitalized with active tuberculosis and is on airborne precautions. Which of the following is one of the proper guidelines for prevention of disease transmission?

A A private room with positive sirtlow ll Limited transport of patient using a surgical mask on the patient 1 Anyone else in contact with a patient must wear a surgical mask D The patient may he co-hurled with others on airborne precautions KAPLAN I9 Which one of the following is an atypical response of the gastrointestinal nystem during strenuous or long duration exercise!

From the chart review. What measure is the physical therapist using! Her goal in treatment is to open the affected fnrarnen to decrease nerve rout irritation.

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Which position is best for that goal? A Forum! A physical therapist is documenting a p. Which portion of the note should this be written under? During aerobic training on a stationary bike. What is one example of an abnormal response to exercise? GBS is lower motor neuron disorder.

What sign or syntptorn does the physical therapist expect to find upon evalutttion? A Flaccid paralysis B Hyperreflexia C Positive Babittalsi's reflex D Clonus A physical therapist is instructing a patient in the use of ice for pain and edema management at home. Her instructions are to use ice for minutes once an hour as needed. Which of the following describes the hunting response that may occur after longer than 30 minutes of ice application? Cyclic vasodilation A patient in a senior living center has been seen for strengthening exercise and gait training ullmving A prolonged hospitalization.

She is taking, a diuretic. Over the last several days. What other condition may this patient hate? What you need to know". The physical therapist includes infortmtion on exercising in high heat and humidity.

She also explains why exercise in these conditions tnay be dangerous. What is one side effect of exercise in high heat and humidity that puts a cardiac patient at risk?

A Decreasctl heart rate [H Blood vessels of the sltitt constrict C Increased heart rate 0 Delayed onset of angina Which one of the lollowing modalities would be an example of a conversion mechanism of heat exchange? During muscle test- ing. Dlamostic Test A physical therapist is recommending aquatic therapy for a patient who clues not seem to be piogres-ting well with land-based therapy. What happens to the weight dimilautinn when exercising in the water.

The physical therapist assesses the patient and determines that he has increased thickness of mucous and an ittellective cough.

The physical therapy treatment plan includes airway clearance techniques. Which cl" these treat- ment techniques is considered an airway clearance technique? At what amplitude should the stirnulatiun he set to achieve this goal.

Copyrighted malarial Prulmtged u se nf cnrtiemternid media. The treatment includes contract-relax. This causes lm; -. Vlfith normal exposure to cold temperature. Fxposure to extreme cold can cause impaired metabolism. The abdomen rises. This is an incorrect performnnce of the desired exerrise. It can also eause norm and decerchrate rigidity.

Ilim1- ship between varinlilcs. A value of -L0 indicates a strong negative relationship. Hariurttadass, page 8. C 'lhe supraspiuatus is best isolated with the arm.

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Spinal am! What does the syllabus cover? It is ahzo relieved with resting the hand on top ofthc head as it alters the posi- tion of the fnramen.